Explore global hydrogen prospects on the platform for international hydrogen (PWI)

Published on:
16 November 2023
Last checked on:
17 November 2023

Are you internationally active in the field of hydrogen? 'Platform Waterstof Internationaal' (PWI) offers you an insight into the latest developments, research, and opportunities in foreign hydrogen markets. PWI was recently added to the Dutch national hydrogen programme website ('Nationaal Waterstof Programma' or NWP).

Internationally, developments in hydrogen are happening quickly. To sustainably advance the Dutch economy, the Netherlands must commit to international trade stimulation for hydrogen. PWI supports this goal by providing information on international hydrogen developments on the NWP website (in Dutch). 

Platform Waterstof Internationaal

PWI aims to connect private and public hydrogen organisations in the Netherlands. The PWI steering committee consists of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), FME, Top Sector Energy (TKI Nieuw Gas), NWBA, the New Energy Coalition and IRO. RVO manages PWI. PWI is part of the ICEP programme. This programme aims to position the Dutch hydrogen sector internationally. 

21 promising countries for hydrogen businesses 

The PWI page provides an overview of 21 promising countries for hydrogen businesses. For each country, PWI highlights the hydrogen developments and ambitions, international collaborations and opportunities for Dutch entrepreneurs. You can also visit the PWI page for news and events in the global hydrogen sector.

Jeroen van Gils, Hydrogen Consultant for RVO at ICEP, remarks, "We are delighted that PWI is now on the NWP website. This allows us to inform more public and private parties about international hydrogen developments. Currently, more than 100 organisations, mainly companies, have joined PWI. Together, we are helping the Dutch economy move forward sustainably." 

Nienke Kikkert, Communications Advisor at NWP, adds, "I am happy that we can give PWI a place on our platform. This allows us to offer the hydrogen community a complete overview of the Netherlands' hydrogen activities nationally and internationally. It is a valuable addition!" 

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