Multiple applications for permits for the largest offshore wind farms ever

Published on:
28 March 2024

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) has received several applications for both permits to build a wind farm on sites Alpha and Beta in the IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone in the North Sea. Both sites are good for at least 2 gigawatts (GW) of offshore wind energy.

Making 14% of current electricity consumption more sustainable

The 4 GW of IJmuiden Ver Alpha and Beta is enough to make 14% of the current electricity consumption in the Netherlands more sustainable. And it almost doubles the 4.7 GW of current installed capacity of offshore wind energy. This makes the tender for these wind farms the largest in terms of capacity in the history of offshore wind in the Netherlands. To compare: the largest tender round to date was for Hollandse Kust West, for approximately 1.5 GW.

Assessment of applications

Wind farm developers could submit an application for permits for the construction and operation of a wind farm in site Alpha and/or Beta until Thursday 28 March 2024. RVO will assess the applications together with two expert committees now the application period is closed. This is done on the basis of a list of qualitative criteria. This considers, for example, the knowledge and experience of parties involved in the construction of the wind farm. Or to what extent the wind farm is circular (recyclable). The applicant can earn a number of points for each criterion. The winners of the permits are the parties with the most points.

The wind sector is facing challenges such as recent price increases and high interest rates. I am pleased that despite these developments, several parties have shown interest in building these wind farms. These wind farms contribute to achieving our climate goals and energy independence.

Rob Jetten
Minister for Climate and Energy

Attention to nature and integration into the energy system

For the Alpha and Beta sites, there were also additional criteria to encourage solution-oriented and innovative bids. At site Alpha, special attention was paid to nature in the North Sea: does the wind farm contribute to the ecosystem? For example, does it strengthen and restore underwater nature? One of the additional criteria applied to site Beta is the contribution to the integration of electricity from the wind farm into the Dutch energy system. For example, by also making the production of hydrogen possible with the generated electricity.

Location of sites Alpha and Beta in the IJmuiden Ver Wind Farm Zone

When will the winners be announced?

The Minister for Climate and Energy expects to announce the winners of the permits in June 2024. It will then be clear which developers are allowed to build and operate the wind farms in sites Alpha and Beta. The wind farms are expected to start supplying power to the Netherlands in 2029 or 2030. RVO expects to grant the permit for the 3rd site (Gamma) in the IJVWFZ in 2025. A wind farm of approximately 2 GW will be built on this site.

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