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How to apply for DRIVE


Do you wish want to offer a solution for a public infrastructure problem in a DRIVE country?  Then you may be eligible for a DRIVE contribution. The DRIVE contribution allows you to make an attractive financing offer, which will increase your chances of realising the project.

This enables the local authorities to make the market apply international sustainable infrastructure solutions. If your company is interested in a project which improves living standards and the business climate in developing countries, you can discuss your proposal with Invest International. The aim is to make the project bankable via DRIVE, so that the government can launch a competitive tender. The Netherlands will monitor the application of international standards in the procurement process (IFC Performance Standards) and ensure a level playing field.

Tender participants

DRIVE is for companies that plan to join an infrastructure tender. Foundations, associations, or companies in an incorporation that apply for a DRIVE subsidy, will need a careful assessment of all basic requirements for the lead applicant, as specified in the tender documents published by the tendering authority.

Number of applications

There is no limit to the number of applications for DRIVE projects. Also, different companies can apply for a subsidy for the same DRIVE project.

Application process

For more information on the application process, contact Invest International.


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