Gender equality in your international project

Last checked on:
6 June 2024
Published on:
12 August 2019

Do you represent an organisation or company? And do you want our (financial) support? Make sure your project meets the gender equality objectives. This page covers what this means for your project and how we can advise and support you.

Gender equality is one of the 17 United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals aim to make the world a better place by 2030. Gender equality means no discrimination based on gender characteristics, identity, expression or sexual orientation, and everyone has equal access to opportunities, resources and services.

Why is gender equality important?

Gender equality is more than a condition for sustainable development; it is a human right. Still, not everyone in the world has an equal place in society. For projects, more inclusive project design and implementation results in increased local impact. To achieve the SDGs, everyone must have equal opportunities and rights. This is at the core of the Dutch government's foreign policy. That is why every international project we support must meet gender objectives.

What role does gender equality play in RVO projects?

In the projects we support, gender equality is not a goal. But, we do expect participants to consider gender equality at all project stages. Gender mainstreaming is the term for this way of working. It means including the needs and experiences of women and men when designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects and programmes. Gender mainstreaming aims to increase the ultimate impact of a project. There are 3 approaches to dealing with gender equality in projects. Read more about these approaches in the infographic below. It clearly states which approaches RVO supports.

How can we support you?

Our consultants are happy to discuss your gender approach to a project we support. They do so before, during, and on completion of your project. Would you like expert guidance from our advisors?

Stay informed

The following sources offer valuable insights into gender equality globally and in the European Union:

  • Global Gender Gap Report 2023, World Economic Forum. Annual ranking of 153 countries on gender equality that covers economic participation and opportunities, access to education, health and political participation.
  • Gender Equality Index, European Institute for Gender Equality. This ranking of European Union member states is based on Eurostat and Eurofound figures.
  • Gender Equality in the Netherlands, Equileap. A ranking of 100 leading companies on gender equality in the workplace and value chain.

See the following sources on promoting gender equality:

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