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On the agreed date of completion of your project, you must apply to determine your final subsidy. Please use the forms below.

  • Final Report
    With this application, you submit a Final Report, both narrative and financial, to the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The Final Report should overview all activities performed and all results achieved. It must also explain any changes to the original project plan, including financials. Find more information on calculating labour costs in the download section below.
  • Means of Verification
    All the corresponding Means of Verification must be sent unless these have already been submitted. The same goes for the Protocol of Receipt for all bought hardware.
  • Auditor's Report
    You much submit an Auditor's Report along with your application. Your external auditor must provide this Auditor's report following the Audit Protocol that can be found below.

You must inform us immediately of facts or circumstances that:

  • may change the implementation of the project or parts of it;
  • may cause a delay in carrying out the project;
  • prevent you from fulfilling your obligations as set out in the Grant Award.

For more information, see requesting a change of plan.

We will determine your subsidy based on the information you have provided.

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