International development cooperation: How can RVO help you?

Last checked on:
20 February 2024
Published on:
16 February 2024

People worldwide struggle with hunger, lack of access to energy, too much, too little or too dirty water, and problems such as child labour and poor working conditions. By working together, companies and organisations can bring about change. Do you want to contribute to sustainable impact? Read how our advisors can support you.

How can we support you?

Are you an entrepreneur, or is your organisation an NGO, knowledge institute or local government? And would you like to work with us to ensure sustainable impact in developing countries? Find out how we can help you:

Looking for subsidies? 

What does the Netherlands Enterprise Agency do?

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) is part of the Dutch government and your partner in development cooperation. We encourage Dutch companies and organisations to cooperate and share knowledge with companies, organisations and governments in developing countries.

We focus on the following themes: 

  • food security; 
  • water security; 
  • renewable energy; 
  • private sector development
  • responsible and sustainable international value chains. 

In doing so, we always pay attention to gender equality, climate and responsible business conduct (RBC). To help solve social issues in developing countries, we identify the local context and needs. We support projects and partnerships that contribute to sustainable impact. We do so via grants and programmes, advice, knowledge sharing, and our community.

What have our projects achieved?

Here are a few highlights of what our projects have achieved up until and including 2022:

Would you like to know what else our projects have achieved? See our results:

Projects with partners

Watch our videos on a project to prevent child labour in Egypt, and a project on biodigester technology in Uganda.

Ensuring sustainable impact in developing countries together

The Netherlands is committed to a fairer world. Together with partners, we contribute to:

  • making value chains more sustainable;
  • more (youth) employment;
  • strengthening local small and medium-sized enterprises and connecting them to European and regional markets; 
  • reducing malnutrition;
  • sustainable land management;
  • access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities;
  • safer deltas and improved water management;
  • access to renewable energy;
  • accelerating climate transitions.
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