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About FVO Partnerships


One of the conditions for submitting an application for a Fund for Responsible Business (FVO) subsidy under pillar 1 is that your company must be part of a partnership.

What does a partnership look like?

At the very least, a partnership must consist of two companies, one civil society organisation (NGO or trade union) and – if possible – one local business in the target country.

You can enter into a partnership with:

  • other companies active within the same value chain or chains;
  • civil society organisations;
  • relevant local parties in the target country, if possible, such as government bodies, knowledge institutes, trade unions, etc.

Is a local business in the target country involved in the partnership? If so, indicate how this organisation is involved in the project in your application.
Does the nature of the activities prevent you from involving a local business in the project? If so, describe how the fund's objectives can be achieved despite this.

It is possible for only one company to be involved in a partnership, provided it demonstrably operates within a specific niche. In this case, your application must explain how this company has leverage over players in the relevant international value chain or chains.

If a Responsible Business Conduct (RBC) agreement is applicable in the sector in which the Dutch company or companies are active, this must have been signed by the companies in question.

Who can submit an application?

  • Dutch companies;
  • Foreign companies with an office or permanent establishment in the Netherlands (a permanent establishment relates to business premises in the Netherlands with sufficient facilities to enable it to operate independently);
  • A Dutch civil society organisation (NGO or trade union).

In the last two years, the applicant must have:

  • achieved turnover of at least €500,000 (applicable to companies);
  • had an annual budget of €500,000 (applicable to civil society organisations).

The applicant must demonstrate that they and their partners actively strive to prevent sexual and other misconduct as well as other transgressive behaviour by means of integrity policy, codes of conduct or other relevant documents.

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