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SDGP Project Management

Last checked on:
11 April 2024
Published on:
5 March 2021

After approval of your proposal, you and your project partners can start your project. The organisation that leads the project must report on the project's progress.

The first report you must complete and submit is the progress report inception phase. Please note that you have to complete all the documents from the inception phase before moving to the implementation phase. After that, you must complete and submit annual progress reports every year. After completing the project, you must complete and submit the final report.
If you have questions or problems, you can always contact your project advisor.

Documents and project phases

Please find all the documents you need for your project management on this page. For your convenience, we have ordered the documents by project phase:

Note that there is also a document section for project changes. You must always report significant changes that affect the subsidy decision, such as:

  • Partnership;
  • Project duration;
  • Project results;
  • Project report; and
  • Budget changes more than €25,000.

Report these project changes via a change request. Report all other changes via a progress report.
If you have any questions, please contact your project advisor.

All documents are classified as follows:

  • Mandatory documents and templates;
  • Mandatory documents and templates but only when relevant to your situation.
    For example, the mandatory audit that goes with one of your annual progress reports;
  • Informative documents that help you complete the mandatory documents. You need to carry out your project correctly and report accordingly.
    For example, the subsidy decision, the accompanying documents, labour costs and hardware.


  • Please note that we will pay the subsidy amount in advance payments. The grant amount is conditional.
  • Once you have finished all your project activities, accounted for all costs, and we have approved these, the grant becomes final.
  • We will determine the final subsidy amount once you have completed the project and after we have received and verified all documents.
  • If it appears that we have awarded the subsidy based on incorrect information, we may review and change the advance payments.
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